Speaking of overseas travel destinations I want to go again .

Guam that I visited on my honeymoon.

Guam that I visited on my honeymoon. There are many Japanese tourists, local people are very good at Japanese, so even if I do not have confidence in English conversation, I can manage somehow. Honeymoon in 5 nights and 6 nights, overseas wedding ceremony was also organized during the schedule so we spent sightseeing in Guam for three days. Although it seems to be said to see it, the sea and shopping became the main, and it was impossible to take time to explore Guam's nature and streets carefully. Still it is packed even if you do not spend money to watch the fish that clouds at the bottom with the clear water of the ocean, and there are lots of hermit crabs on the sandy beach and see the movement. I think that I would like to see the living beings living in the beautiful sea together now that the child was born. When I was two adults, if I go to a place I did not notice or did not go, my point of view changed and I feel that I can experience a different feeling from the last time. I can imagine the fading children with smiles more than anything, and it is very helpful to not have to worry about meal because there are many Japanese foods. I'd love to visit Guam again with my family.

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